Strategically creating effective *Online Ads to increase the growth of your business!

  • Strategize! You must have a goal for your Ad. Will you be driving traffic to your website, or store? Or are you trying to gain exposure for an upcoming event?
    Your goal directly effects what type of Ad should be ran and on what platform.
  • Design! We will design the digital elements you need to have a visually successful Ad.
    No need to hire a graphic designer AND an Ad manager!
  • Monitor and Report!
    We will monitor and adjust the ad as needed to increase performance. When your Ad is complete we will provide you with a detailed report.

I know what you are thinking; Ads are expensive! And, you’re right, it can be… However, depending on what your goal is you could easily run an effective and affordable Ad. Additionally, it helps we make the process so simple; Assign a lifetime budget for your Ad and pay Time-Savers, Inc. an hourly rate to manage it.
It’s that easy!


Success Stories:

The owner of Plastic Surgery One wanted to increase exposure of a book that was written in 2008. Through effective marketing, the ultimate goal was achieved; Amazon #1 Best Seller

Tampa Bay Tax Services wanted to get in front of business owners and property managers during the last week of the Tax Deadline. The owner wanted to reach out and offer her services to assist anyone who needed an extension or help to file. The Ad we created paid for itself and brought in two new clients.

ITG Diet decided it was time for even more exposure and they knew what type of consumer they wanted to attract. By utilizing Facebook to target areas and audience types we were able to get them the attention of people who genuinely wanted to know more about what they had to offer. They have been receiving messages and their engagement rate is continuously increasing.

See what they had to say here


*Advertising offered on Facebook and Google

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