Rebranding at its finest!

What an adventurous time for Grand Events of Florida! After 28 years in business they were about to undergo a complete transformation; everything from office location to web was changing and there was no holding them back! A website redesign was necessary with all of the new features and functions available to showcase their ever changing portfolio.

The desire for more!

The 4th Street Business Association is a growing organization that found their members wanted more from their online experience. A membership directory allowed 4th Street Business Association to not only advertise their members more effectively, but with the addition of a managed calendar, aid in keeping important reminders top of mind to interested parties.

Client: 4th Street Business Association

The need to become an information source!

Dena Lebowitz, owner of Back Tax Solutions, is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS. She has an extensive background that allows her business to effectively handle issues with the IRS. She wanted to be able to share her knowledge with her audience, but she couldn’t do that easily with her previous website – it was time for an update.