Time-Savers, Inc. is pleased to submit this proposal for services to support your business!

Our goal is to assist in achieving your goals for improving exposure by providing a content rich and streamlined user friendly experience for your online visitors. We have partnered with dozens of small businesses throughout Florida in Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough and Hardee Counties and also in Georgia, Idaho, and Wisconsin, to help them gain exposure, achieve marketing goals and all in a cost effective and timely fashion.

The Objective

  • Gain larger audience
  • Increase exposure
  • Provide an avenue for customers to provide feedback
  • Streamline platforms to drive traffic to website

The Opportunity

  • Increase exposure
  • Tend to customer feedback, satisfaction and retention
  • Become a trusted information source
  • Increase sales

The Solution

  • Continuously enhance profiles; Facebook, Youtube, Laurel’s Linkedin; take advantage of new features, follow guidelines – completely utilize platform. (Twitter and other additional relevant platforms will come later)
  • Provide consistently engaging and relevant content through:
    •  engaging with social platforms
    • producing a monthly blog
    • quarterly newsletter
  • Provide an avenue for relationship management through use of surveys and open, actively monitored, discussion on social platforms (low privacy; active monitoring)
  • Work closely with team to create/obtain new content/material for sharing. Also work closely with web designer to add new content, promotions, seo and strategies to website.


Our Proposal

We have offered solutions to help businesses stay ahead of customer satisfaction trends, gain exposure and propose that _____ implement a strategic solution focused on doing so. Our solution easily integrates with your existing online presence and, from our efforts, __________ will see the difference once each platform is seamlessly integrated and utilized to its fullest potentials. Most importantly, we are constantly paying attention to the industry, so you will always have someone looking out for the best avenues to use to meet your goals now, and in the future.

Execution Strategy

Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies, organic, and a highly responsive approach to promoting deliverables. Please also see Timeline document.


  • Professional Business Content Writer for Linkedin profile, blog and newsletter
  • Relevant communities
  • Your website/existing marketing materials
  • Staff/team members


Key project info is outlined below. Dates are best-guess estimates and are subject to change until a contract is executed; so they are not included here; please see Timeline document for more details on dates

Project Start ongoing project
Enhance Platforms set up profiles, design, adjust privacy settings, meet guidelines/follow rules
Post/engage/Connect 3 times per week on each platform; monitor, engage, respond, report, assess*Your accounts are even monitored every day for messages, comments etc… will interact even if on an “off day.”*
Get with team email/meeting  for new videos, business happenings
Submit blog for review create, design, tweak and SHARE! Monthly
Submit newsletter for review create, design, tweak and SHARE! Quarterly
Online Reputation Management web search for reviews/testimonials/issues and other feasible marketing tools and avenues
Interaction with other blogs/forums Decided against offering this service with alter ego; will discuss if necessary
Run promotions varies-when we hit 100 likes on Facebook we will start boosting and promoting more; when we gain more of a following in other arenas we will utilize other promotion sharing avenues.
Create, review and submit reports insights, growth etc…



Supplied Material

The following materials are to be supplied by ITG Diet for this project. For Time-Savers, Inc.  to meet project milestones, this material must be supplied. The due dates included in the following table represent our best guess based on current proposed project dates listed in Timeline document:

Materials to be supplied by ITG Diet Due Date*
Login and Passwords for Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube 07/31/2013
Provide communications regularly

Expected Results

We expect our proposed solution to ITG Diet’s online presence to provide the following results:


  • Effective branding
  • Effective and successful user experience
  • Gain insights from customers
  • Customer retention
  • Drive traffic to website
  • Streamlined process for user/visitor

Technical Benefits

  • Streamlined process for user/visitor


The following table details the pricing for delivery of the services outlined in this proposal. This pricing is valid for 30 days from the date of this proposal:

Social Media Package- Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest Price
Manage 3 platforms/1 profile each- MonthlyCustom set up, add engage users 3x week, add engage communities 2x month, 1 custom tab, 1 landing page, marketing campaign 1x year created ran and reported, no cost quarterly meetings $385.00
Manage 3 platforms/5 total profiles (3 ITG profiles – 2 Slim Down St. Pete profiles)- MonthlyCustom set up, add engage users 3x week, add engage communities 2x month, 1 custom tab, 1 landing page, marketing campaign 1x year created ran and reported, no cost quarterly meetings $575.00
Total Services Social Media Costs  
Services Cost Content Generation  
Blog; one page blog post- Monthly $35.00/month
Newsletter, one page designed newsletter- Quarterly $30.00/quarter
Surveys; create, monitor and report one email campaign per month $35.00/month
Total Services content generation Costs


Services Cost Hourly Tasks  
All hourly tasks, including training, meeting with team, SEO projects etc.. $35.00/hour
Total Services Hourly Tasks Costs



Disclaimer: The prices listed in the preceding table are an estimate for the services discussed. This summary does not include costs to utilize any platforms that are not free. For example; an email marketing company for distribution of your newsletter is not a covered cost, only the newsletter itself; design and content, are included in the quoted price. Will need a platform like ConstantContact or Vertical Response to distribute newsletters


*we will require a prepayment be made prior to starting this project. 20% of your final proposed fee.*

The remainder of your invoice total, and all invoices going forward, will have net 30 terms extended


Time-Savers, Inc. is continually proven to be an industry leader for high quality/cost effective online services in the following ways:

  • We use an organic approach that appeals to others; build a relationship, don’t sell one!
  • We are constantly keeping an eye on your business; what customers are saying, what they want to see, etc…
  • We offer services that are cost effective for your business.
  • We go above and beyond, all of the time!


We look forward to working with ITG Diet and supporting your efforts to improve your online presence. We are confident that we can meet the challenges ahead, and stand ready to partner with you in delivering an effective strategy for increased exposure.

Feel free to see an example HERE to get an idea of how we integrate your website and other highlights with platforms like Facebook

If you have questions on this proposal, feel free to contact Heather Hutto at your convenience by email or by phone at 800-981-6372

Thank you for your consideration,

Heather Hutto

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