How does social media benefit your business you ask? There’s actually more than one answer to that. Traditional marketing is not as effective as it used to be. Traditional methods of marketing would use the idea of throwing a giant net to capture a few fish in that net and do this over and over again to entice new consumers. The most obvious example of this is the same TV advertisements you see playing over and over again. While traditional marketing is still used today, in a technology driven world, it’s safe to say that social media is a much cheaper route than traditional marketing. Your social media outlet can and should be used for broadcasting your optimized, conversational, and compelling content to a wide array of viewers. Other businesses websites will sometimes pick up on this original content and link or share it on their site, giving you credit and boosting your search ranking. Also you are associating with other businesses and creating and expanding your network, which can only benefit you in the long run. You’re building connections and adding value to your business by just being social. It’s a very simple strategy that sometimes gets lost in translation for some reason or another. Time-Savers can execute a well-developed strategy for any business’s Facebook or Twitter.

If customer service is of any kind of importance to you, then you should find social media extremely beneficial. Social media allows you to develop an actual personality which goes a long way in any social situation. I have always seen that most of the traditional advertisements are not just selling an image but a lifestyle. The same idea should be used for your social media outlet. You can use platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to your advantage even in a negative situation. You can streamline your customer’s questions, concerns, or comments through these platforms. Other viewers will be able to see how quickly and professionally you answered, instantly forming an opinion about your business based of your effectiveness. Consumers wants to be feel like they are dealing with a person and not a robot, so when you care about your consumers opinions by quickly reacting to a situation, it goes a long way. If you’re looking to revamp your social media identity or even create an entirely new one, Time-Savers is here to help!

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