Facebook has introduced lead ads which is super exciting if you are in marketing or own a business that can benefit from them! We want to help break down what lead ads are and how they will help your business. If you’ve ever used Twitter’s lead generation cards, then you already have an idea what Facebook’s lead ads are, but they have taken it a step further. A Facebook lead ad is like a beefed up version of their call to actions. Instead of using the call to action to send your leads to an outside page to get the information you want, you can have your user’s access whatever you would like such as contact forms, newsletter signups, contests, and more without ever leaving Facebook. Here is a breakdown of how it works.

So, your user sees your ad and whatever call to action you assign it, which for this example we will use “subscribe.” They will click the “subscribe” call to action because let’s face it, people like to click buttons and such. They will be redirected to a sign-up form, similar to what you would find on most static landing pages. However, what’s fresh and different about this is that Facebook will automatically populate information from your user’s profile into the relevant fields, leaving a few remaining boxes depending on the questions you’ve asked to be filled out before they hit submit. This is all being done without actually leaving Facebook, making it pretty convenient for the everyday user!

If you decide to use the lead generation ads, great! Just make sure you are making them work for you. The biggest difference between Facebooks lead generation efforts, and other programs are mainly the auto-fill feature. This feature will only work if you’re asking it to capture simple information, requiring very little work for your user, and generating more leads because you’re making it effortless and user-friendly. Facebook leads ads work when you know how to capture your customer’s information in a meaningful way and make the data work for you and your CRM.

After you get a lead, it’s always a good idea to follow up with them quickly. If you don’t have one already, consider setting up a personalized auto responder so that your lead gets some kind of response within minutes, therefore increasing your response rate on Facebook. It’s always a good business practice to follow up at least an hour after receiving an inquiry. Lead ads should not be looked at as a replacement for your inbound marketing and more as an addition to your current lead generation strategy. As for now, these lead ads are perfect for those looking to boost registration to an event, seminar or class, or gain exposure and increase traffic to a new site. They also are great for sales, promotions, or for those that are just looking to increase newsletter signups. Looking for some Facebook lead ad guidance? Let Time-Savers help!

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