What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a page that a visitor comes to on your website and is greatly used for lead generation. Generally, the visitor has come to this page through your online marketing efforts, like an ad on Facebook. The design of this page is meant to grab the attention of your visitor and prompt them to take a specific action; subscribe to an email list, buy a product, or perform some kind of social-media-related activity. The end goal is to obtain data that will allow you to market to new prospects and drive them deeper into your sales funnel.

Why do I need Landing Pages?

You may be thinking one of your existing website pages will do the trick, like maybe your home page, or contact page of your website…? Among the many reasons, your landing page should be separate from your existing website is the design. Well-designed landing pages take away needless distractions and help the visitor to focus on a single action.

Using the example of using your homepage, the layout of your home page should be a general snapshot of your entire website. If you are trying to market one product and you drive that traffic to your homepage, you will find less success in your advertising effort.

What we suggest is to create a page that is specific to your goal. If you are looking to capture new prospect contact data than design the page to specifically lead the visitor to subscribe to your newsletter where you can gently remind them of upcoming specials, new products, events, etc… Don’t add anything else to the page unless it supports your chosen goal.

What kind of design should I use?

It is worth mentioning that your advertisement should match the look of your landing page. If you are a consultant and your ad uses a large picture of yourself, be sure that you use that same image prominently on the landing page. Similarly, if your display ad is mostly blue, use that very same blue on your landing page.

Also, your content between ad and landing page should meet the visitor’s expectations. If your ad says that your page is about black jazz shoes, hot darn… your page better start off with reference to these black jazz shoes!

These tips alone will aid in making your marketing message cohesive throughout the entire process which is a huge element of positive conversion results.

A few more items to remember for a successful design

  • No sidebars. Sidebars can make the design of your landing page too distracting.
  • No footer. Again, making it to distracting
  • Minimal header. You want your visitor to get straight to the point.
  • If you’re going to use a logo, make it un-clickable, so they don’t leave the page accidently.

We hope we answered some of your questions about landing pages! If you need more info feel free to comment below – we will get back to you!

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