Twitter now has analytics so you can actually gauge the performance of each and every little tweet you send out. It’s very similar to Google analytics to put it bluntly, but with more of a tweet to it. You can now  monitor how many people see  your tweet and how many of those actually clicked your links. So what’s the catch, because with all great things in this world there has to be one. The analytics part was only open to advertisers and verified users. In order to access the analytics dashboard, log into analytics.twitter.com with your username and password. Analytics are provided to verified users who have had a Twitter account for at least fourteen days, according to the company.

Your main dashboard view will display a chart of the last twenty eight days, giving you access to the number of views your tweets have received as well as which tweets received more attention than others. You can view an individual tweets pseudo-lifespan of the first twenty four hours of its pseudo-life. You can also get a breakdown of the tweet’s key metrics, link clicks, embedded media clicks, retweets, favorites, and replies. You can see how it basically interacted with the whole dynamic of twitter and how many people liked, shared, or viewed it.

Twitter analytics also allows you two monitor your engagement rate as well as your follower rate. You can now get a demographic breakdown of your followers. They include the five most unique things your followers share such as their country, state, city, gender, and will even provide the top Twitter accounts your followers follow. Twitter analytics can be a great resource to many users looking to improve engagement, reach more people, and gain more followers. Some other restrictions other than the fourteen day requirement is also that your account must be public and the users must primarily tweet in English, Japanese, Spanish, or French.  With this somewhat “stalkerish-like” data resource you can now monitor your impact on Twitter which could greatly benefit a business’s SEO and marketing strategy. In the name of The Police, Every tweet you make, every link you create, the analytics tool will be watching you.

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