Many people find it difficult to maintain their WordPress site and social media accounts along with everything else they have to do in order to keep their business afloat yet they don’t have the time or the money to hire someone else to do it for them. You really have only two options as a business owner if you have this issue. Find the resources to hire someone to manage your website and social media accounts or learn how to do it yourself. For a lot of us, this just means prioritizing the time in order to learn it all and get everything done in a timely manner, but for others it means learning more about technology than we ever wanted to know.

Managing your website is not as difficult as you may think, even when it comes to creating new content on it and your social media accounts. The biggest reason why you should manage your own website and social media is that no one knows your business better than you. You are the lifeline of the business, the pulse, and who better to know how to talk about it than you. If you truly do not have the time because of whatever reason or your business has grown so much over the years that you couldn’t possibly handle your own website and social media management, we get it. Give Time Savers a call and we can help!

Time Savers now offers training sessions on how to manage your WordPress website and your social media pages at your convenience! We offer two different type of  lessons for your convenience, single person sessions and group packages, virtually and in-person. Our virtual lesson consists of a how to video that is specific to your business page/website. If you prefer an in-person training session instead, let us know. The in-person training session will consist of personalized assistance that can help you maintain and manage your WordPress website, and teach you how to monetize your time on social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Go online today to book your training session now or give us a call!

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