Google has recently announced they are changing the way URLs are showing up within the search result area with site name and breadcrumbs path. This will only impact the mobile search results but the rumor is that this may spread even wider than that over time. To boil it down for everyone, this change places a lot less importance on the domain name. This change means the structure of the URL gains more notoriety than ever before. Ugly URLs will be visible in consumers search results so if you’ve been meaning to get around to working on them, now is the time.

You can change the site’s name through new site name markup. If you have a site through WordPress and you are using their SEO, they have already announced Monday, they will be releasing a new version that includes support for the new site name markup. You will be able to choose your alternate name from your dashboard after the update. No one is sure how Google will use these new alternate names because this feature is still too new but we are sure to find out soon!

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