Let’s face it, anyone can talk the talk, but do they walk the walk? Know what you are talking about in the marketing field. Not only know what you are talking about, be a genius at what you are talking about!!! Don’t forget that with talking comes listening. Hear what they want and have the knowledge to give it to ‘em!


Big goals and little goals! You have to set major goals for yourself and your business. To get to these major goals, you have to have a bunch of little goals. Without a plan and things to aim for how would anyone know where they stand to reach success? How can anyone put in their best and strive for something that is unknown??


Be in tune with your competition! Know what they offer and strive to offer better. Remember, not everyone in the business is cutthroat. There are some who love to pass along their knowledge. Get out there and know who’s who!


Go for the WOW factor!!! Knock their socks off!!! People want something that will instantly catch an eye or an ear. Don’t be boring and bland! Always remember to keep it tasteful, for a good name and reputation is what you want to build and keep.


Always remember that there will be difficult customers who will like nothing you offer or know better than you, so they think. Most of the time it is them, so don’t let it bring you down! Even if it’s not your usual, know YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Keep cool, listen to their needs, and give them what they need. We all need no’s and we all need corrective criticism. Just remember to keep your panties out of a wad, brush it off, and grow from it. Don’t be discouraged. BOOM from it!

If you can remember these 5 things, you will be a marketing ninja in no time, always aiming to go higher!

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