Running a small business takes an enormous amount of time and every minute of every day is a precious minute that should not be wasted. Time is money. Nine times out of ten, most small business owners approach me with the same issues like not having enough time to do their own social media, creating enough quality content for their site, and effectively using social media to drive more traffic to their page. Well its really all about your planning strategy. By this we mean, your editorial/social media calendar.

You can use a free application such as google calendar which is available through your Gmail account. If you have an android phone this is easily synced to this. Hubspot also has an available template you can download. If you’re like me though and need reminding, you need to find a calendar that syncs with most of your electronic devices so that a pop up comes up on your screen as a reminder. It’s important to note that if you’re running a WordPress site, they have multiple plugins to help you create and manage and editorial calendar that will automatically sync new content to your site with just a click of a button. Your options are limitless and majority of them are free, you just need to find a strategy and calendar that works for you.

Once you have a calendar that is effective for all of your needs, you should be able to set up a reminder for your social media posts as well as when your content needs to be created, proofread, and posted. Most social media platforms such as Facebook have the option to schedule future posts so you don’t have to go on it everyday or even every week. If you run in to the problem of what you’re going to post other than your own content, here are some options that Time-Savers suggest:

  • Popular news links
  • Local festivities/events going on in your community
  • Funny memes that are appropriate for your audience/business
  • News about your surrounding areas
  • Create online polls and post the links
  • Share your customer’s posts
  • Turn your Testimonials into graphics
  • Turn your Newsletter link into a graphic

One of the most important things to do is share is your content, especially if you are trying to use social media to drive more traffic to your site. Now, most people think that they shouldn’t share it more than once but we disagree. You can share your content more than once, even older content. As long as you are not sharing the same content every week and rotating your posts, posting your content more than once will actually help your views. When you’re on Facebook, you don’t get to see all of your friend’s posts, just a select few, which is the same for your business’s posts. There is no harm posting each of your old content pieces once a week because chances are it is still new content to someone that liked your page but didn’t see that post. If you find yourself behind on your content or you find that your businesses social media pages look a little neglected and you don’t have time to keep up with it all, contact Time-Savers today for a helping hand!

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