As we know, Facebook loves their statistics so in usual response to any statistic, a solution was created, i.e the scrapbook was created. Facebook found that 65 percent of parents tag their partner in photos of their kids in order to easily share those photos with their partner’s Facebook friends. Apparently the scrapbook is an alternative to this share and tag method. You can now create a scrapbook for your child if they’re not old enough to have their own Facebook. This is great news for parents and other users alike because parents that usually overload their newsfeed with their children’s photos can now keep them organized. In order to create a scrapbook, you must add your child as a family member on Facebook. If you want to set up a co-owned Scrapbook, you would need to be in a Facebook relationship with your partner. Better make it Facebook official! If not, you can always keep sharing photos and tag your partner in it!

Who can view your child’s scrapbook depends on your privacy setting for that specific image. Right now, there is no way to automatically transfer your child’s photos to their own account when they are of age but Facebook developers are working on it. It’s important to note that Facebook won’t let any child have a Facebook until they are 13 years of age. Some parents figured out a way to get around this by rolling back the years on the registration form for their child’s profile but as a parent, it’s your responsibility to protect your child’s online presence or “digital footprint” as it’s called nowadays when they are too young to protect themselves. Make sure that photos of your child are not set to public and only shared with your friends and family. Be careful of who you add on Facebook and if you don’t know them, don’t add them to your personal profile where you invite people to have a peek into your personal life. Ensure that you share personal photos on your personal profile only and not your business’s or professional profile.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the scrapbook idea and the organization factor of it. Just make sure that your doing it in the best interest of your child, their future, and their safety. Don’t let this deter your family photo ops. Time-Savers wants you to venture outside, take more photos, and above all, post safely and privately.


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