When you look at your website, does it speak volumes about you and your business goals? Or is it plain old boring? If you’re not proud of your website or at happy with the way it looks, then it is clearly not the right one for you. You don’t have to mold your site to what you think it should be, you need to mold it to what you want it to be. It’s okay to include some of your personality in its still professional but it still feels like yours. Remember once your website is built it still needs care. If you don’t, your website will look neglected and tired over the months or even years of sitting there without any maintenance.

We interviewed Jane Heisey of Janiac Media and asked her to tell us her web journey and why she chose to redo her website with Time-Savers. She stated “So I’ve had 3 web sites developed in the past 6 years, although site number one was basically a brochure.  The second and third site launches were within one year of each other.  Unfortunately by the time site #2 got developed, I was content for about 3 months until I noticed that all of the themes in my category all had a much newer, more flexible look.  Frustrated and angry, I spent the next 9 months figuring out what I really needed and more importantly, searching for a web developer who could deliver it.  Instead of giving up, I got referred to Heather at The Time Savers, who turned my site around.  It’s all about performance—if your site isn’t working hard for you, I say Leave It.”

In the end, if your website is not a good representation of you and your business, you won’t be proud of it. How can promote your brand or business through a website you’re not proud of? It just doesn’t seem possible, right? Well you’re right, it’s not. If you find yourself not completely in love with the site you have, maybe it’s time to contact a web developer. A redesigned website will not only show you’re an authority in your niche but that keeping your businesses image fresh and up to date. Once you have the website you’re in love with up and running, remember that maintenance is key to keeping your website from looking neglected again and keep you ranked high in Google. If you don’t love your website, contact Time Savers!

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